16 September 2006

Old news to some....but a few words on the Barcelona trip. For those who don't know, we did a house exchange to the Olympic Village area of Barcelona. Yes that's right - strangers in our home, and us in theirs. The exchange went extremely well - will definitely do it again. Highlights-the Picasso Museum, the Brasil Brasileiro music/dance performance that was part of the Festival de Barcelona Grec, the Boqueria, CosmoCaixa science museum, Tibidabo, Parc Guell, and all buses, trains, trams and funiculars. In fact, highly recommended to just go to any city with excellent transportation and let the kids ride and ride and ride - we would have never had to do anything else. Lowlights-El Encants Vell flea market (eeeew - so grimy) and of course, gypsies stealing Sierra's wallet. Mostly painful because not only had she just bought this wallet a week prior, but she had one of her two coins in there that she had received from El Ratóncito Pérez, the magic mouse that brings coins to children in Spain who lose their teeth. She lost two teeth while in Spain, so she still has one coin left, and a great story to tell for the rest of her life. Anyway, here's a picture of her with her (now-stolen) wallet, which surely ended up in a trash can somewhere after the single Euro that was in it was extracted. We met the most wonderful people while in Spain. I decided to push the boundaries of use of the home exchange website and contacted people who lived in Barcelona and had children close to Ry and Si's age. Not only did we have wonderful playdates, but we met really nice people who helped us start to get that feeling of actual grounding while in a foreign place. Special thanks to María José, who provided the opportunity for us to use two babysitters while we were there!!! We laugh that we know more people to call in Barcelona for babysitting now than we do here.

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