24 September 2006

We were lucky enough to attend our neighbor and friend Doris' 50th birthday party this weekend with about 90 of her nearest and dearest friends. We all got to sleepover at Cazadero - an awesome place. Warm daytime weather and a cool crisp night.....a perfect California fall. Ry took his berimbau and actually found a little girl there who knew some capoeira so they played and he taught her a little more. After a relaxing afternoon, and an all-too short softball game, dinner was spectacular and then we all danced and danced and danced - these guys haven't danced like that since grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary! Something about the number 50 brings out their dancin' shoes. Trotted back to our cabin and snoozed the night away to wake up to Peet's coffee, pastries, and a warm egg dish. Spectacular.

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