10 October 2006

As much as I complain about soccer, Ry and Si sure are cute when they're out there running their little tushies off. I've decided the only way to keep myself sufficiently entertained is by trying to catch that one great shot of their foot connecting with the ball. I've yet to get it in two games but I'll keep on trying. And at least when Si played goalie she got to wear a really cute jersey. Because we all know that what's important is to look cute when playing this or any sport. Man, I can't wait 'til baseball season. At least then you can have a proper social conversation with your neighbor whilst awaiting the next play. Why, you can even have a lovely picnic if you'd like. Not with soccer. Maybe that's the part that's so perturbing for me.....you have to actually be a fairly active spectator. Go little Johnny....pass the ball.....kick it......run up.......run back......yikes - if I wanted that much action I'd dust the cobwebs off my gym membership and go for a workout. At least then I'd see some results for all that activity.

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