03 November 2006

Dia de los Muertos was a big hit. Ry and Si made chocolates with skeletons and Catrinas with me and at school they made sugar skulls. They also made Pan de Muerto (bread) with Scott. We left out drinks and food offerings along with flowers and candles to help light the way. With all the activity of Halloween, and getting Ry and Si ready to go to Yosemite with their class, we couldn't make all the special foods our relatives would have loved. But it didn't matter. When they woke up Ry and Si were so excited by how much the relatives seem to have eaten! It really looked like they had a big party and were very pleased with our offerings. We had a very special experience putting together our altar, and really got to talk about the relatives we miss and why they were so special. It's a great tradition. There's a big celebration on Sunday in the Fruitvale district, and we plan to be there. Man, I love living in the Bay Area.

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