10 November 2006

One of Ry and Si's friends at school dressed up as a Rubik's Cube for Halloween....great costume. It reminded me that the three of us went to the Exploratorium last year where they were hosting one of the Rubik's competitions. It was amazing not only to see how quickly they could solve a cube, but how some could solve it one-handed, and some did it blindfolded! So check out this video (about 2 minutes) to see how it's done (just click on the arrow on the picture). Believe me, don't think she can see through the blindfold. We saw several people do this and it was amazing every single time.

There is an official World Cube Association competition coming up at Cal on November 18. This is your chance to see it firsthand. You do know that text in green in the body of the blog is a link, right?

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