19 February 2007

Feast your eyes on this Cupcake Courier. This product is on the top of my wishlist. Another great invention by a mom. Not only can you take 36 cupcakes in this thing, but you can also remove the trays and take a cake. I finally got a round cake transporter a couple of years ago, but have been longing for something that would transport cupcakes. This was fueled by discovering the Cupcake Blog a year or two ago when the Chronicle published some recipes from the blog. It's amazing how on fire cupcakes have been for the past couple of years. Another cool website is Cupcakes take the Cake which bills itself as "all cupcakes all the time" and it really holds true. At Bay Street in Emeryville, the Teacake Bake Shop opened last year and, while they sell cookies as well, it's their cupcakes that stand out and they seem to do a really good business. And San Francisco has countless cupcake venues, including Kara’s Cupcakes and Citizen Cupcake.

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