02 April 2007

MY EGGS ARE HERE! MY EGGS ARE HERE! Like Paul Revere on his historical (though not historically acurately told) ride through the streets of Boston and onward, I believe it is my duty and honor to spread the word of my fresh eggs. See my Sept. 19 and 25 posts for some background on my quest. These are the chickens from whence the eggs came. We went to Deer Hill Ranch today and fed the chickens and got our first dozen eggs. We immediately came home and feasted on Scott's famous arugula salad topped with grilled asparagus, fried bread crumbs, goat cheese and all topped off with farm fresh poached eggs. There is a mix of different kinds of eggs from different kinds of chickens....the only name I remember is Pullet.....but they are definitely sweeter and richer tasting. I also love that they're different colors and sizes all mixed in. I'm still waiting on the milk cow share, so if you know anyone who knows anyone, let me know.

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