22 July 2007

Shotgun Players are staging The Three Musketeers and have apparently been intensely rehearsing the fencing choreography for maximum reality. It looks really interesting and really exciting. I have no idea whether this is child-friendly or not....but I'm guessing that since it's free and outdoors in a park, it can't be too bad. We can always just have the kiddos look away if necessary. The Musketeers is a real favorite for Scott, and although we have TIVO'd a wishlist for any and all Musketeer programming to record, it seldom comes up with anything besides a 1939 singing version with Don Ameche, and the Mickey, Donald and Goofy fiasco. There are dozens of versions that have been made into movies and tv, and apparently, most every time a theatre company mounts a production, they do their own adaptation as well.....and this production is no exception. So it should be entirely fresh, and you can't beat the price! It's at John Hinkel Park in Berkeley, weekends at 4pm through Labor Day.

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