14 October 2007

What a strange weekend. Yesterday early a.m. I went for a hike up on Skyline, and here's what I found....an entire tree had been uprooted and fallen on one half of the road.

Then, after having an absolutely lovely time making sugar skulls for Dia de Los Muertos at Corazon del Pueblo on International Blvd., as I was getting into my car, an SUV-ish type vehicle could not wait for me to close my door and decided to squeeze by....which wasn't possible and so practically took my door off. The door got munched - thankfully none of us was hurt - and the driver proceeded to speed off. Dummy. Did he think I couldn't see far away enough to capture his license plate number? So I waited for an hour for the police to arrive, and when they didn't, I had to hightail it home anyway because Scott and I were due in Nicasio (West Marin) for a fundraiser for Gavin Newsom. The good news is that we got there just after he did (even though we were an hour and a half late!) so didn't miss a thing. We then decided to drive back through San Francisco (stopping to eat at PlumpJack just to make it a full-on Newsom-supported evening) and stay the night....(highly recommend the new Hotel Vitale at the Embarcadero), and this early a.m., Scott and I went for a walk over to Pacific Heights, and saw this car. Upon further investigation we discovered that it was a matching planter to one that still remained in front of the doorway of the large apartment building right on the corner where this car was parked. I would have felt tremendously sorry for the owner of this vehicle, however, I had (have) it fresh in my mind that I, in fact, will probably see this person in the insurance office first thing Monday morning as well. Like I said, strange weekend.....and there's not even a full moon.

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