24 November 2007

The other day one of the moms at Ry's boy's chorus asked him what kinds of things he does with his time, given the fact that he doesn't have a gameboy, or video games, or any of the other electronic equipment that seems to be de rigueur for a boy of 8 (or younger, or older, I guess). At the time, he was too embarrassed to answer, given the fact that there were peers around, and he didn't want to appear uncool. And I had to think about it too....but of course, wasn't allowed to answer either as I'm sure I would embarrass him to death. Now I do know that we're not the only family who doesn't have this.....as evidenced by the swarm of boys who gather around whenever another boy brings out the gameboy during break from chorus practice. You really have to see it to believe it.....I counted 15 children around one boy and his handheld electronic (Ry's told me several times what it's called and I still can't remember).

So for the last week or so I've tried to be aware of some of the things he does outside of his school day. If you're interested, migrate on over to the Ry and Si site.

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