26 December 2007

I have a new love of my life. No disrespect to Scott, but I swear I could marry this thing. Scott's mom Pat gave us a Roomba for Christmas and it has already changed our lives. Mostly we wanted it for the family room, where Comet spends his time. Pet hair needs to be vacuumed a lot. Roomba can be scheduled to vacuum, or you can simply push the button and off it goes. It takes about an hour or so, and at the end it finds it's docking station so that it can recharge itself for the next go-round. So in the family room I've scheduled it for every other day at the same time. However, since Ry and Si seem to be building some kind of super-railroad project in the family room right now, I decided to move it to our bedroom today. Wow. Not only did it find every corner, go from area rug to hardwood floor and back with no problem, it even went into the bathroom and went between toilet and vanity, under clawfoot tub, into all corners, and even tried to climb the toilet (must have thought it was really dirty). At first Ry, Si and I layed on our stomachs watching it go under the bed, the chair, the table, etc., then after awhile it was just me.....it's oddly mesmirizing to watch this robotized thing zoom round and round and back and forth and just when you think it's not going to pick up that piece of lint, zoop....there it goes.....back to get it (zoop is officially copyrighted by me now....don't even try to steal it). And there is some wierd high you get from cleaning out the lint filter and brushes.....all that dust and hair and yuckiness.....there it is....gone from your floor! This is as life-changing as TIVO. Run, don't walk, right out and get yourself one.

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