19 January 2008

This image frightens me. It is our local District 4 council member Jean Quan (council member of what? I have really got to go back to 4th or 5th grade and relearn civics....strike that...that would imply I actually learned it in the first place) with Oakland citizens learning how to use a radar gun. A blurb from her newsletter: "Do neighbors drive too fast by your street or school? We are training citizens to use a radar gun. Owners of vehicles clocked by our volunteers exceeding the speed limit will be sent warning letters by the police. There is still room in our second class on January 26. The first pilot will be on 35th Avenue; at least one other neighborhood group is organizing. Participants must register first with our office. (Above) Last Saturday's class practices along 73rd Avenue." Yikes. Is this scary to anyone else? Where does it end? What if your neighbors are ticked off at you for something? And what if they have just way too much time on their hands? I don't know....I suppose it could be a good thing. Obviously it may free up police to do real police work.....much-needed in Oakland. Although when someone almost took the door off my car, I waited over an hour and they never showed up, so I don't think they're spending too much time dealing with these kinds of things anyway. And I suppose we should be driving within the speed limit in the first place....but for some reason it still is a little creepy to me. Comments?

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