29 March 2008

I must sing the praises of Craig’s List. I've always had great success both selling and buying, but this really takes the cake. I'm doing a little home improvement project in the front yard, and I really needed to get rid of my two 13 foot tall Camillia trees. Frankly, as I looked around, I realized there are 9 Camillias total in the front yard, so they really won't be missed. So I thought, what the heck, I'll put them on Craig's List....."Free if You come dig them out". I thought maybe in a couple of days I'd hear from someone. Not true. Within 20 minutes I had my first taker. Then #2-8 lined up after her within hours. Seriously. 8 people wanted to come and do the manual labor of digging out trees. Okee dokee. So when the appointed day came for #1 to come get the trees, she called an hour or so before before she was supposed to arrive and said her husband's truck wouldn't start. When dealing in "Craig's World", you always expect flakes, but I have to hand it to her for calling....it can often happen that they don't. No problem. I called #2 and left a message. He called back within 5 minutes, came to see the trees 15 minutes later, went home and started calling around for a truck, and came back 30 minutes later to dig them out. So let this be a lesson.....if there's something you want to get rid of, even if the person who gets it has to work for it, try Craig's List first. Because you just never know.

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