07 August 2008

It's project time around here....the last couple of weeks before back to school, and I'm feeling the pressure to get things done I've been wanting to do. I didn't know this was going to be something I wanted to do. This is called a French Pigeon Basket Table, and it seems to be the rage right now. Apparently it has been used in the 2008 Coastal Living Idea House in WindMark Beach, FL, which you can apparently enter a sweepstakes to win through September 30 (the home and all its contents).

I actually first saw it on some blog, and my apologies to whoever I'm not crediting....I think I'll just throw a few out there that I like just to cover myself - shelterrific, Etsy, Apartment Therapy, More Ways to Waste Time....okay - I think I'm covered. ANYWAY, it made me a little crazy that it actually costs $1385 + $150 shipping....yup, that's right folks....$1,535.00!!!! Don't believe me? Check here. So you know what happened, right? Yup, that's right....a do-it-yourself project. And here we go:

Okay....so let me explain the differences. I really wanted these for outdoor use for our new patio (more on that in another post)....and I really wanted two, as we now have a loveseat and a chair, where we'll want people to be able to sit and sip a cool drink. I gave Craig's List about 10 minutes of my time, then decided I needed to head out for Cost Plus World Market. While I really would have loved to do it all as a recycle project, it wasn't to be. I found these baskets at Cost Plus on sale - they were originally $36 each....I picked them up for $8.75 each. Since I saved so much money on them, I decided to splurge on two wood trays to put on top to finish the look, instead of the glass on the original. I got two different shapes, because I don't like it to all be matchy-matchy.

Then it was time to go to Home Depot and OSH to get a nice piece of 1" thick wood to mount to the bottom, as well as big castor wheels and hardware to attach it all together. Fortunately we already had some wood stain in the garage for the wood we attached to the bottom, which seems to match the trays pretty well....I kind of like that look!

So in all, how much did my two side tables cost? Surprisely, $199.57 for everything, which breaks down to $99.78 per table. I actually thought I would spend a little less, but the castors are kind of expensive, and of course, the big outlay of $19.99 each for the trays was a lot. Oh yeah....and of course I wanted finish nuts for the inside of the suitcases on top of the bolts just in case I want to store stuff inside and I want it to look pretty (in unison with Scott now...okay-Crazy [crazy being a noun in this case]). Anyway, I did save $1,335.43 over the French Pigeon Basket Table, and frankly, I'm just as happy with the results. What do you think?


Pat said...

I love your work. You are a wonderful mother and wife and daughter-in-law.

kim said...

I LOVE these. What a great idea. I am so impressed. All I have done was covet this table, but you actually now have two. well done.