23 August 2008

Recipe for a basketball jersey:

1. Find out Thursday night that Friday is Jersey day at Hoops Camp.

2. Be told by your 9-year-old son that his favorite player is Kobe Bryant (huh? has he ever even seen a Lakers game? oh well)

3. Look online to see what a Lakers jersey looks like.

4. Look for appropriate existing clothing and fabric in gold and purple.

5. Find some:

(Mom's old muscle-T - waaaay too big for mom now...how's it gonna fit him?)

(Ry's old shirt....too small now)

(Mom's old sports top......really really really old and not used anymore)

6. Check for appropriate size by looking at appropriate-fitting tank.

7. Start cutting.

8. Go online and find a Lakers logo and Kobe's name and number and download them, then print them out on cotton laser printer paper that you happen to always keep around.

9. Sew, baby, sew!

And voila:

(Tried to place name and number low enough so hair didn't cover it....turned out a little too low - oh well)

Look, it ain't perfect but it made a 9-year-old very happy....especially when somebody at camp did something wrong and the coaches made all the kids who had NON-California team jerseys do push-ups... he was thrilled.

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