29 September 2008

Planted pot of lettuces, chives, basil and flowers on our deck - easily accessible from the kitchen
I've decided that unless I can eat it, I'm not planting it. So if you've seen my lawns lately, well, actually, what lawns? The front lawn was a goner awhile back when I decided to stop trying to water the dead grass. And the back lawn has been claimed by the water shortage. And they're not going to be replaced with grass. It's just too maintenance heavy and not environmentally sound. But what to do? That's the eternal question. I like this Synthetic Grass website, but it's a pretty pricey option and I'm not that big a fan of the lawn look anyway - it's fairly uninteresting. There's also the Edible Front Lawn option, which I personally love, but the fact that our front lawn is on the North side of the house, and mostly completely shaded, doesn't fare well for that option. And the back lawn is subject to Comet's wanderings, so not a good choice either - and we already have an entire terraced garden where he cannot trespass.

Our house style is considered Monterey Colonial - already a mash-up of styles - and so more of a Spanish theme seems to be appropriate. So that would be a fountain, crushed rock, curved paths and either terra cotta colors or perhaps some brighter hues. But I'm also not that big a fan of that look. A pond of some sort would be nice, with natural rock all around....but sounds expensive. So for now, I believe that the fallen leaves from the four trees shall be my front lawn....and by end of winter they'll be perfect to scoop up and put in the composter that Scott got going again in the garden. If anyone knows of edibles that thrive in shade, let me know!

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