08 February 2009

Today, a collection of writing from Sierra:

E-mail one sent from car ride home from Tahoe yesterday (I stayed home while everyone else went skiing for the day). I am not correcting spelling or grammar - but will insert a word or explanation in parenthesis and italicized if clarification may be needed:

This is a really cute picture of me when I was drinking hot chocolate with extra whipped cream! We had two stops for hot chocolate. Both times it was very very good. The 2nd time there was no whipped cream. But we had to add "all perpose cream". The contaner of crem was stuck in a huge tub with a bunch of ice and water foer some reason. I thoght that it was quit weird and interesting. My favorite run was the easy one but they had split it in half and one side was a train [terrain] park. I liked the train park the best. Right now, we are stuck in traffic for some reason. Dad thinks that there must have been an acsadent ahead. I think that he just changed what he thought was ahead but I couldn't quit hear what he said. Got to go because Ryan is complaning that it is to long and that I should send it abot now.



E-mail two, half an hour later:

Here is another picture for you.



And finally, e-mail three, another half an hour later:

Here is another one. You should read this ones caption before you read the other caption of the picture in the email above this one because other ways it doesn't make any sence at all. I have chose that I don't really like to go skiing with dad, dad and ryan, or in ski school or blue angels. I don't like blue angels because of the movies and the middel school and also the dinner at in and out [this is the program last year where they rode up on the bus with 7-16 year olds - hence the movies on the bus reference, the middle school kids reference...and finally the reference to In and Out Burger where they made a dinner stop on the way home after a full day of skiing]. The food there is really really bad. It is gross. I hate it. I am really board and hungry right now and I am defenentaly not in the mood for sushi right now. I do not have any shoes on right now or socks and I am really really hot. Ryan does not like me typing long emails for some weird reason. He keeps complaining about it. It is just a long email for goodness sake! I am learning how to text emails on dads phone just like I am right now. It is really fun once you get your fingers used to putting them in the right places. There Ryan goes again complaining about the long email again! My butt herts from sitting so long in the car. I can not wait to see you when we get to the resterant. I hope that I spelled resterant right. We are going to call you in about five minets dad says but I do not know why. We have a full moon tonight. It is very very pretty. You will want to see it when we get home because it is so beatiful. The snow in Tahoe looked like the softest cloud blanket made of snow and the houses looked like huge ginger bread houses.

And now a little touch from today....she went online to make a drawing and e-mailed it to me. I've captured it with her words.....

I'm not sure who the subject is....however I do know that there is no loss of self-esteem in Sierra right now. And her stream-of-consciousness writing.....well, does it remind you of anyone?

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