15 September 2006

Aargh.....this is my dining room table filled with all pieces cut out for Si's halloween costume. Can you guess what she's going to be? Of course she would have been perfectly happy picking out an Ariel costume, but mommy couldn't have any evil Disney costumes in the house (why does a parent always have to die in their movies?) so here we are. Why so early? Because believe me, I'll still be working on it at the last second the day before Halloween. One stitch at a time. So this is a call for anyone who would like to do any stitch n' *itch sessions.....come to my house with your sewing machine or I'll come to yours. We'll have coffee, tea, or whatever and muddle our way through a sewing project. Those quilting bees and knitting circles are onto something......but I can't go that route just yet.

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