15 September 2006

Discovery of the week at Target - Downy Simple Pleasures Dryer Sheets in Vanilla/Lavender scent. I immediately washed and dried my sheets with these and am in heaven as I go to sleep with two of my favorite scents in the world. Oh - also - on the Dollar Aisle check out the reading glasses in lots of cool funky colors. Not for me - oh no not yet - but did pick up a pair for Scott who bregrudgingly admitted he could read things a little better......

Musical rediscovery: America. Okay - went for the greatest hits because I just really wanted it. Normally try to respect the artist's musical intentions and buy the original albums but couldn't help myself. It's a hit with everyone and Ry has absconded with it to his room to go to sleep by each night. Waking up to Ricky Nelson. Si tired of how often he pumps up the volume on Horse with No Name. Also - don't miss the new Christina Aguilera "Back to Basics". If you like Billie Holiday and other old-school blues/torch singers, this is her homage to them. Finally, if lounge music is more your scene, try Pink Martini - their version of Bolero is awesome. Oh - and check out Pandora.com. You give them a favorite song or artist and they match it by using the music genome project software. Finally somewhere to find more cool celtic music like Loreena McKennitt. Ooh....Panic at the Disco just came on the radio - don't forget to check them out....theatre in music which really speaks to me - and they were funny and humble when they won at the recent MTV Music Awards.

Scott's dinners: There are some who enjoy Scott's dinner preparations so I'll give you a little taste once in a while of what he's preparing lately. Last night was sushi night. I got fresh maguro from Berkeley Bowl (highly recommended - so fresh it was like butter) and he did spicy tuna rolls, tuna nigiri, unagi nigiri, inari and of course edamame. Forgot to photo it - will do it next time. Tip for Berkeley Bowlsters - no lines on Thursdays between 11-ish and noon-ish.

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