29 September 2006

For those of you who haven't gotten on the You Tube bandwagon yet, you really must. It's like free on-demand entertainment on any subject you can think of, and some you've never thought of. This video has been floating around for several months, but I could watch it almost every day. Just press the arrow in the middle of the picture (maybe twice) and it will start to play. It's 4 minutes, 32 seconds long.

Jake happens to be coming to San Francisco in February.

I'm thinking green today....I adore my Green Bags that I take to the grocery store with me. Not only am I feeling good about re-use, but I actually get a 5 cents per bag credit AND they are super strong and hold a ton of groceries. They cost $1.59 at Berkeley Bowl. I saw them at Whole Foods too - don't know what they charge. If the green is a little too yecchh for you, try snazzing it up a bit with b.happy bags. They have cool designs to match your personality....but are waaaaayy pricey.

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