28 September 2006

Scott made an amazing fideua for dinner a couple of days ago - think paella but with very specific noodles (that are cheap in Barcelona but cost about $6 for 8 oz. here!) called fideo (or fideu in Catalan). Maria José served it to us when we went to her home and we had to try to recreate it. It's served with an aioli that you sort of dollop around the top. Cynthia-you'd better get back to SF soon because you're missing out on some of Scott's best culinary creations!

This weekend's happenings: SFMOMA Scavenger Hunt on Saturday. I love scavenger hunts. It's probably too late to sign up but for those persistent types you might be able to talk your way in. What's great is that they'll use the scavenger finds for an exhibition immediately following. For some reason, I don't know why (this is how my mind works) this reminds me of my long-lived desire to put together a rockin' BINGO & Beer party. Who doesn't love playing BINGO....it's social, doesn't require too much thought, completely a game of chance, with the possibility of a prize payout at the end. Now imagine adding alcohol, good music and good friends to the mix. I digress. Also up this weekend: Berkeley Rep Family Theatre - on Sunday you and the family can do a theater workshop. And best of all (in our family's humble opinion) - on Sunday the students of the Paul Green School of Rock perform music of the Rolling Stones at 12 Galaxies. We went to their show last year, where they performed songs from the Beatles and it was totally cool. Great space and LOVE seeing kids 8 and up learning these classic songs that everyone should know. The following weekend they will perform Queen.

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