19 September 2006

I have this absolute obsession with finding incredibly fresh eggs. I have yet to figure out where to get them. There was a guy who came to the farmer's market for awhile here, but those were still probably a few days old. I've never, ever tasted a fresh-out-of-the-chicken egg. The solution? The Eglu. It's the urban farmer's dream - all you need is a 20' x 30' space, you order up this chicken house, a couple of chickens, and you're ready for fresh poached eggs in the morning. I think we could do it except Comet would freak out for sure. If anyone knows a great fresh egg resource in the area, leave me a comment. Oh, and by the way, whoever leaves the first comment on my blog will win a prize. Seriously. It doesn't have to be about eggs - anything will do.

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