18 September 2006

Yum.....when we were in Spain we ordered a frozen lemon ice cream dessert that came served in a gi-normous lemon. Couldn't stop thinking about it so came home and did a little recreation with the lemons from our trees. Went with the Martha Stewart frozen lemon mousse recipe and left out the lemon sauce - it's not necessary. When translating the 8" mousse, you'll need the same amount of lemon juice, but use approx. 15-16 lemon shells for presentation. Also on my "love" list right now is Demerara sugar. Why? I have no idea. I'm sure I read somewhere about how fabulous it is and ran right out and bought some....and actually ended up really liking it. It's great for coffee - and especially nice for presentation purposes. It just tastes better - I swear. So while I'm talking about food, check out this fairly new book (summer release) called Heat by Bill Buford. It's a true story written by a journalist who fancies himself a home gourmet and decides to see if he really has what it takes to cook in a restaurant kitchen. He meets Mario Batali and is able to get a gig cooking at Babbo - Mario's restaurant in New York. It's funny and fascinating - the outsider's look in - a good addendum to the insider's tell-all Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

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