17 September 2006

Ry was amazing in the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade today. They sing, dance, and play capoeira throughout the entire parade route. They're doing handstands and cartwheels and headstands and flips all on the asphalt street - at one point he skinned up his elbow pretty badly but never wanted to stop. It was around 80 degrees today - just a perfect day. Here is Ry and his friend Eli - capoeira seems to be where all the long-haired boys are. Si was also a great help passing out information about capoeira to the crowd. She gave out dozens of cards to kids all along the way and never complained about her shoes once! I think she's growing up. The very cool art cars were at the parade -one of them reminded us of all the Gaudi work we saw in Barcelona! We paid about $3 per glass of lemonade at the festival that immediately follows the parade, which led to Ry & Si remembering that they wanted to have a lemonade stand. Since it was the perfect day, we came home, made lemonade, and put a stand out front. We started with the bicycle box that Scott put his bike in for the airplane ride to/from Barcelona, covered it with some leftover fabric, then started decorating with leftover stuff from Si's hula birthday party. Ry & Si made the sign, we threw it all on top of two sawhorses, and there you have it....a Hawaiian lemonade stand! Also, be sure to add one hidden cd player with external speakers below table to play Hawaiian tunes and create atmosphere (then you can charge extra for an entertainment fee). The neighbors couldn't resist and some even bought two cups! Sadly, we don't actually get any traffic on our street except for neighbors, so next time we're going to hunt out some open houses in the neighborhood.....it's all about location, location, location.

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