14 September 2006

This is the first post of my Blog. Am I late to the party? Yes, of course I am. Contrary to some beliefs, I am not actually an early adapter in all things tech. I like to sit back and wait to see how something will work into my life the way I want. Then I grab hold and go. So I finally decided that I simply want a place to write down things that have occurred to me right this minute. There won't necessarily be any theme or any ties that bind. Of course Ry and Si will show up often - something they said or did that I feel the need to share. Or my latest discovery at Target or online.....nothing earth-shattering, but possibly good for a quick run down to pick one up. Or maybe my latest musical obsession and why I can't live without it at that moment. Or, as you see here, a photo that I'm fascinated with - I have no idea where I found this one, but the minute I saw it I loved it. It isn't anyone I know, but it could easily be me and my mother - with the curly hair on the girl and the 60's 'do and killer swimsuit on the mom, it surely could pass for the two of us. Okay - that's the beginning. If I try to write too much, it will become overwhelming and I won't keep at it.

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