15 September 2006

Check out my links. You'll see the link to Ry's Capoeira school....our home away from home when we're not at hula. Also there's my favorite lunchbox for 3 years running - one of those "I wish I had invented that" items. It changed our lunch-packing lives and you'll see that others are even more kooky about it when you check out the lunch photos link.....there's a link to a good example of my dream car - if I could figure out how to get a bit more power out of the engine, I'd have a VW 23-window Samba right this very minute. Chocolate and Zucchini is a delicious food blog. She went to Barcelona right after we did, has some good recommendations, and most importantly, if you find the El Bulli link, she went to what is purported to be "the best restaurant in the world" in northern Spain (Scott's dream restaurant) and took photos of each and every one of the 35 courses. That's dedication. Manila Market is a great site to figure out how to use all those foods you can buy at Berkeley Bowl but don't know how to cook with (or if you're really daring, find a recipe and then go to 99 Ranch where you're sure to find the ingredients).

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