21 October 2006

We are upon the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Hmmm, you may ask yourself - why is this important? Well it's been very important in our house lately because Ry and Si are singing for two events to mark the commemoration. Tonight was the first, in Palo Alto. There were convocations and speeches and newsreels and then their beautiful school choir singing hungarian songs. There were loud cheers and crying on the part of the older folks who were quite touched that the children could sing in hungarian so clearly and beautifully. I got a little history lesson tonight as well. Sadly, after a long day, the dark room and black and white of the newsreel seemed to help me drift off to sleep in the middle. When I awoke I thought the revolution was a success. Hmmm. Thank goodness for the keynote speaker who set me straight as he went through the timeline. Anyway, the kids did an amazing performance and we're off to San Francisco on Monday evening to see them sing the Hungarian and American national anthems for the celebration there.

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