01 November 2006

Finally! I finished Si's costume last Friday, in time for the weekend dress-up activities. Guess it pays to know yourself well enough to plan two months to finish something that could be done in 2 weeks if enough attention was paid to it. Ry's costume was easy....bop into the store, find it, bop out.....he knew exactly what he wanted to be for the last 3 months. He has a book on a day in the life of a police officer (a real one), so he can tell you all the things that happen during a shift in Cambridge, Mass. Si was riding her bike on Saturday afternoon (no training wheels anymore!) and fell and scraped up one knee so we thought that was perfect since mermaids can accidently get too close to coral and get scraped up tails and fins. Anyway, it was a lovely Halloween - a good time was had by all.

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