13 November 2006

Have you heard that I love music? And all things music-related? So, for your enjoyment, some of my favorite musical links: KPOO Radio is based in San Francisco, caters to the needs of populations traditionally underrepresented in the mainstream media and broadcasts a wide variety of music not typically heard on commercial stations. KPOO streams, so hit the "Hear Us" button from their link above. Pandora is by the people behind the Music Genome Project which is trying to map as many songs as possible (syncopation, rhythm, instrumentation, etc.). You type in an artist or song that you like, and Pandora matches it in as many musical ways as is possible to build a station of just that kind of sound for you. You can give the thumbs up or thumbs down to what they choose, and come up with a radio station tailored exactly to your taste. Track 50 is a site that tracks concert dates in the bay area for the bands you love. Simply let them know who your favorite artists are, and they'll notify you via e-mail when concert dates are scheduled. I've never been spammed by them or heard anything else from them other than concert dates and venues on bands I submitted. And finally, the goofiest and most oddly addictive site of all - Let Them Sing It For You. Type in any words, sentence or phrase and hit the red arrow. Let me know what you think about that one.

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