19 November 2006

Mmmmm......it's the opening of crab season. Who can resist delicious Dungeness crabs? As we sat at dinner tonight enjoying our homemade garlic crabs, we felt very lucky to be able to partake in this late fall northern California ritual. You can't even imagine the scene at 99 Ranch today with everyone wanting their crab. And luck was with me, as I was waiting patiently for my number 62 to be called (they were on 42), a man came along and changed the signs from $3.49/lb to $2.99/lb! We all thought maybe if we stood there long enough we could wait it out for $1/lb. It was another classic Bay Area moment - being in the largest asian supermarket, waiting to buy crabs with my fellow english- and spanish- and cantonese- and mandarin- and hindi-speaking shoppers, trying to communicate "three large crabs" or "two medium crabs with all the legs" to the fish mongers who also spoke english and spanish and cantonese and mandarin and hindi....yet somehow never at the same time as the person who was ordering. I moved on and picked up my dried anchovies, tobiko, sashimi, fried broadbeans, seaweed, scallion cakes, lumpia, and more before heading home to the delightful crab dinner.

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