18 March 2007

I love this new Moisture Stick I bought at Whole Foods last week. I always find it messy and inconvenient to carry regular lotion in my purse and this solves that problem. It kind of looks like chapstick when you open it, but doesn't have that waxy feel. I really like using it on my face which tends to get dried out throughout the day. But it can also easily be used on any part of your body....rough elbows, heels, backs of hands (personally I don't like lotion on the fronts of my hands....I just have to wipe it off anyway, so why waste the lotion?), etc. Of course, I also like the fact that it is 100% natural and organic, formulated without the use of harmful chemical preservatives (parabens), synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, harsh surfactants (sodium lauryl sulfate), or petroleum derivatives (petrolatum, mineral oil and silicones). (Okay - yeah, so I directly lifted that last part from their website.....you got a problem with that?)

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