15 March 2007

So some network execs have been reading my blog and found a way to make the money that I apparently left on the table. If you go back to my September 28, 2006 post, and then again to my October 3 post, you'll see that I'm enamored with the idea of freshening up BINGO because it is, after all, a very fun game of chance. It looks like ABC agrees and National Bingo Night will hit the airwaves Friday nights beginning in May. You can send my intellectual property residual checks to my home address.

Speaking of games of chance, I was introduced recently to the wild, wild world of Bunco (or Bunko). Let me just say, if you're longing for the glorious old days of college drinking games, this is the grown-up, seemingly acceptable version. It is not actually touted as such, but believe me, after going to a Bunco game, you'll understand my allusion. Check the Wiki description.....it blew my mind that the biggest following right now is with affluent suburban women. Believe me, that is not the crowd I played with. And no disrespect to my bridge-playing friends, but this ain't no bridge game either. Again, the game of chance thing? Key. Drinking during a game of chance? Key. Changing tables and switching partners for every round? Key. Trying to count and keep score after several rounds (and yes, I do intend the double-entendre)? Key. And a pot of money to divide up amongst several category winners at the end? Well, there's nothing more to be said.

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