22 May 2007

Let's take it down a notch or ten from the $3500 for the WinePod. This little beauty is just as ingenous. It's called a Moka Pot (or Mokka or Muka) and it's the precursor to fancy espresso machines. I have never tasted coffee so delicious (except for a hundred years ago at the Flying Saucer in the Mission). The traditional pot is made of aluminum, but I have to say that I prefer the18/8 Stainless Steel version - it just feels more solid. What to put in to savor the exquisite mouthfeel (uh huh, I used that word....ya got a problem with that)? Fair Trade and/or Organic would be best. And freshly roasted - like Blue Bottle Coffee which puts beans in customer's hands 48 hours or less after roasting. And they're an Oakland company - Oaktown represents! And please, please, please don't sully this brew with anything other than Demerara sugar (see my Sept. 18 post). And if you can steam some milk to add, great....if not, a simple shot of cold milk works just fine.