12 May 2007

This is the solution to all my bicycle issues. What issues? Oh, the fact that we live in the hills and to go anywhere I need to put my bike in the car first. Or the fact that any bike ride I might want to go on with Scott is simply a warm-up for a "real" ride that he'll need to go on later. This is the newest Schwinn Electric Bike. In fact, I think it's Schwinn's entry into the electric bike market. There have been many other electric bikes before this one, but finally an electric that doesn't look all clunky and completely unattractive. Now mind you, this is not going to win any beauty contests either, and it's a tough choice between this and retro-fitting electric components to this sweet little Petro Zillia-designed bike, but I like the direction the market is going. I truly would go down to the village and pick up a few things on this. Or maybe even do a BART/bike combo on Bike to Work Day which is coming up this Thursday, May 17. I would pedal part of the time - I swear - but it would certainly put my mind at ease to know that I could rely on a little help, if necessary. Lest you think this is not, in fact, a better environmental solution - join the discussion in the comments area over at Treehugger.com. It makes for a lively debate.
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Anonymous said...

Laurie, perhaps now I will enter the 21st Century.