14 May 2007

Go directly to the San Francisco Symphony website right this minute and purchase your tickets to the July 6 or 7 performance with Pink Martini. I wrote a smidge about them in my September 15 post (my 2nd ever!) and now I'm thrilled they're coming back to SF. Directly from the SF Symphony press release: The sound: 1930’s Cuban dance orchestra, classical chamber ensemble, Brazilian street band, and Japanese film noir. The band: Pink Martini, an eclectic 12-member ensemble heard around the world. Part language lesson, part Hollywood musical, the Portland, Oregon-based “little orchestra” was created in 1994 by Harvard graduate and classically trained pianist Thomas M. Lauderdale to play at political fundraisers for progressive causes. The group made its European debut at the Cannes Film Festival and in the years following went on to tour Europe, Turkey, Taiwan, Lebanon, and the United States. Equally at home performing its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and in smoky bars, Pink Martini draws a wildly diverse crowd. Scott and I will be going sans children....but only because of the 8pm start time....the concert is appropriate for all ages.

Also not to be missed as part of the same Summer in the City concert series - the inimitable Patti Lupone on July 28. I was not lucky enough to see her as Evita, but her voice is burned into my brain as the only true diva good enough to play Eva Peron. Don't even get me started on the Madonna debacle - although, truth be told, I'll take looking at Antonio Banderas as Che Guevara over Mandy Patinkin any time.
Another reminder dear readers - sign up for e-mail. You know, if I really believed you were reading, I might work a little harder at this blogging thing. As it is, it's purely for my amusement. Which is okay. Sometimes. But mostly not. Sniff sniff whine whine. Now go.......sign up!

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Lauran Weinmann said...

Hi Laurie! You sure have a lot of great cultural recommendations on this blog!