26 June 2007

Aargh.....I finally decided it was time to migrate the blog over to the new Blogger templates...supposedly functionality is easier. Some is easier, some is not. So please bear with me as I fiddle around with the look. If those of you who signed up for e-mail actually get an e-mail about this, I'll at least know I'm having some migration success. And if you haven't signed up for e-mail......come on now, what's the problem? The only e-mail you'll receive by doing this is the one that tells you when I've updated my blog! How could you not want that? Oh, what.....you want to waste your time by checking back every single day? You could be using that time to search for something else......like this attractive Aquarium Sink that you really must have for your bathroom remodel. Random, I know.....I'm tired. Good night.

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