19 June 2007

It's that time of year! The Summer Solstice Concert at Chapel of the Chimes! What's that? You say you don't know about this? Chapel of the Chimes is a beautiful Julia Morgan-designed columbarium.....yes really. They have taken it upon themselves to create the ultimate in venue repurposing...... concerts for the living, set amongst the dead. It's brilliant, really. And not only do they do a summer solstice concert, but they also do a candlelit winter solstice concert. You must be prepared, however, to stretch your narrowly defined idea of what a concert should be. Read through this Berkeley Daily Planet article to give you some insight as to what it's all about. We discovered Ya Elah at this concert about four years ago and fell in love with their beautiful music. We bought their CD when it came out and have practically worn it out. The picture I've chosen here is 100% right on the money as to the vibe of the event. Bring all ages and watch them wander. I did spend some time looking for the 2nd (very small) child of one friend last year, so be prepared to be extra vigilant - it's very labrynth-esque. However, it's also very safe, as many families are there, and we were never really worried. June 21, 5pm-9pm at 4499 Piedmont Ave. in Oakland. If you go, let me know what you think!

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