07 June 2007

New Music Recommendations: Run, don't walk, to get Angélique Kidjo's new CD Djin Djin. Lots of duets with people like Joss Stone, Peter Gabriel, Ziggy Marley and Santana. Listen to this track called Lonlon which is a vocal rendition of Ravel's Bolero. Absolutely beautiful.

Another good one is the new Pink Martini CD Hey Eugene! This is my third reference to Pink Martini on this blog, so get on it already.

And apparently I've been under a rock for awhile, because I've only just discovered Amy Winehouse. Her voice is soothing in a raspy-too-much-bourbon-at-age-23 kind of way. Another definite must-have.
Man, this looks like total chick-music review. But Scott grooved on all these ladies and dug them too. If you have any recommendations, here's a novel idea......hit the comments button and tell me who you like right this minute. And if you haven't done so yet (and why haven't you) - sign up for e-mail!!!!!

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