11 July 2007

If your house is anything like ours, you're right in the middle of high-tv-viewing season. Why's that? Because it's time for the Tour, of course. Oh, you aren't familiar? Here's what's happening in Stage 5, which is about to begin (live) as I write this. I have absolutely no sympathy for so-called Football "Widows". What are there - 10 football games in a season that last 3 hours or so each? Try July 7 to July 29, every day, with prologues, epilogues, fanlogues and various and sundry ancillary programs meant to enhance your knowledge of the event. In the neandratholic pre-TIVO days, our VCR recorded tape after tape. While this is another example of why one can't live without TIVO, even it's capacity is not unlimited, and when it is set to record 4-5 hours every day, even my Number 1 Season Pass selection gets bumped....which makes me very grumpy. Do not mess with my Denis Leary. Fortunately for Scott, the t.v. network Versus brings him pretty much all the coverage (and seems to be the sole reason why we pay $10/month extra for the sports package on our satellite dish). Okay...so that was a long way to go to get to the real point....there is a very cool game that you can get that is a Tour de France game. When we actually went to a stage in the French Pyrénées a few years ago to see Lance Armstrong kick some booty, we watched this father and son playing a cool cycling game called L'échappée Infernale. I bought one a couple of years later, and it really is awesome. Ry absolutely loves it. The cyclists have on the correct sponsor jerseys and are on these little bicycles...and you can update each year based on sponsorships - you know - like if somebody switches from US Postal to Discovery or something like that. Be forewarned that currently the site is only up in French....however, they're working on the English portion, and if your French is even only a little bit better than - bon jour, ça va aujourd'hui? - you'll be fine.

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Rachelle said...

Oh yes, I remember that your family loves the cycling. Cool. It's absolutely true that life with Tivo would be the pits. : ) You know how I feel about my Oprah. lol!