30 April 2008

"I have always relied on the kindness of strangers....." I believe this is the line uttered by Blanche DuBois in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Kindness. So maybe I'd don't rely on it, like Blanche, but the little kindnesses in the world can definitely perk up my day for hours. I was thinking about this the other day when I was looking for a parking spot at Berkeley Bowl and a woman pointed out a spot that was kind of hidden by crates and forklifts. If you're a BB shopper, you'll appreciate what a big deal this was. Or the 6th grade boy who reached the door to the office at school just behind me, so I opened it for him, just to have him say...no....go ahead and wait like a gentleman for me to pass through. But I hit the mecca of kindness last night....and it happened to be at the ball game. Ry sang the National Anthem at the Giants game last night. (To see it, and more photos, click on the Ry and Si Blog link at right). We bought the tickets offered, at $15 each, which were here:

No problem.....we can check out the bay, right? But of course, I wanted to get video of the boys on the field when they sang, so I talked my way down to getting close enough for a good shot. Fortunately, I made the mistake of putting my video camera on top of the visitor dugout in order to stabilize the camera, at which point the usher came to let me know that wasn't okay, which brought me to the attention of the gentleman in front of me, who graciously told the usher lady that the four seats I was galavanting around happened to be his, and they weren't being used, and we could in fact have them, and pow! here are the tickets....have fun! Huh? What just happened here? Are we really sitting HERE?:

Yeah, baby....that's right....3rd row, 1st base line, right next to the dugout. That is my actual photo....no zoom. And you know what these seats come with......Field Club level services: food brought right to your seat....or walk in through the tunnel to the nice food concessions....no mucking around with the unwashed masses up on the concourse. Of course, we had already partaken of Garlic Fries and Clam Chowder Bread Bowl prior to this....but we did our best to stuff as much food in our faces as was possible, and as is apropos to the full ballpark experience. Sadly, Ry is NOT a Giants fan (when they sang at the A's, they got to meet a player, so has switched allegiances.....we're working on it....) so I kind of had to keep his inappropriate cheering for the Rockies under wraps. To further my streak of random acts of kindness bestowed upon me.....I went up searching for a hot chocolate and Bailey's to the concourse (okay...so I didn't want to pay the exhorbitant price for it to be brought to me) and a guy says...."hey - you dropped something!" and proceeded to pick it up and rush it over to me - it being my wad of moola with a $10 bill wrapping the outside.

Who does that?

Giants fans apparently.

It's a good week.

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