02 May 2008

"The large volume of emails I receive on a daily basis necessitates brevity in my replies." I absolutely love this tag that comes at the end of our school psychologist's e-mails. I need to amend it for my life, however. Mine shall read: "The large quantity of my children's activities on a daily basis necessitates brevity and long lapses of time in my replies, or in fact, any interaction you may hope to have with me." While the calendar below is a bit challenging to read, you probably get the picture that the big grey sections are chunks of committed time in the next week. The areas that aren't dark grey happen to be when Ry and Si are in school. A couple of months ago I called a friend to get a restaurant recommendation in her area....she gave me a few great ones, then followed up to see how we liked the one we chose. And then she followed up again. Oh yeah - and guess what? I still haven't actually given her the info. And Ry and Si hadn't even started Queenie Pie rehearsals yet. So I'm giving you fair warning. If you don't hear from me, or I don't return your phone call/letter/e-mail/carrier pigeon, don't take it personally. The few moments I am able to get fingers on keys, I need some kind of release in the form of the blog....so that may be where I put my 2 ounces of leftover energy. Unless, of course, I'm running around trying to find the stone for my front patio and crying over the fact that they want to charge me $8 per stone for hand selecting my pieces. But that's a whole other story of a renegade homeowner-landscaper that must be told some other time.

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