18 July 2008

Conversation with a 9-year-old boy about shoes:

Me: Would you like some new shoes to replace the ones you've worn into the ground?

He: Sure!

Me: New Keens?

He: Sure!

Me: Here are the colors....what color would you like?

He: Any color!

Me: How about this one?

He: Sure!

(Tries on shoes)

photo credit: fashionrat.com/from-thongs-to-flip-flops

Me: How are they?

He: Great!

Me: Do you want to buy them?

He: Yeah!

Conversation with an 8-year-old girl about shoes:

She: I want some new tennis shoes!

Me: You have tennis shoes....how about something like this?

She: (spying brother trying on new Keens because he has literally worn a hole through them) I want some new Keens!

Me: You have Keens. They fit perfectly fine. You like the color. You never wear them.

She: Look at these flip flops!

Me: You have flip flops......two pair. You need something nicer than Keens, flip flops and tennis shoes. How about these?

She: Well..... (puts back on shelf).

Me: Okay, well, there's not really anything else here.

She: (picking shoe back up off shelf) I want to try this one on!

(Tries on shoes)

She: They're really tight.

Me: Try on the next size.

(Tries on next size)

She: They're really tight.

Me: Try on the next size.

(Tries on next size)

She: They fit!

Me (putting full finger between heel of girl and heel of shoe): They're too big.

She: But I want new shoes!

And on and on and on and on for every single pair of shoes we have ever looked for. And even when they are pronounced fitting, they come home, get worn once, then suddenly "hurt my heel," "hurt between my toes," or "are too tight." So if you happen on us at a very formal occasion, and one of us is wearing flip flops, you'll know why.

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