23 July 2008

This is the sign that greeted me on Si's door when I went upstairs to check on her after she stomped up to her room. You have to understand that my room happens to be right next to her room.....you know....right where the arrow is pointing. Fortunately I had waited long enough that by the time I got up there, ignored the sign, and walked in, she had calmed down and let me know that "I just needed some alone time."

The next morning I woke up and found this on her door:

In case you can't read it.....it lists "snugel" hours (which is snuggle to you and me). I partook of the offer.

Another day I found this on Ry's door:

Unfortunately, the next morning I found no addendum, but I was allowed entry. Later that day, I needed a little time and space from their shenanigans....so I promptly removed the sign from Ry's room, put it on my doorknob, and crawled in bed with a book for about 30 minutes. The sad part is that no one ever even saw it. They were too busy playing with each other to notice....sigh....

What good is a tantrum if there's no one there to witness it - even if it's a silent tantrum thrown via door signs? I need to refine my methods......

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