09 July 2008

I'm completely infatuated with creating a new space for projects. Projects being sewing or whatever thing I happen to be obsessing over in the moment. For many years I've being eyeing the space in our backyard that is currently occupied by the chessboard (young Ry and Si, huh?), because it's a nice square that would be a perfect location. It needs to have electricity....but plumbing is not really necessary, although that would be nice. This all started a few years back when I spied what looked to be the perfect type of shed/office/whatever room in a Sunset magazine. Of course, the owners had had it built and it was great. Now, prefab is all the rage. The top photo Kithaus actually comes pre-wired, and you can call about a solar option. Of all the prefabs out right now, it seems to be the most ready-to-go. You can also take a look at options by Modern Cabana (photo right below chess), as well as Modern-Shed (photo below right). If you've got the contacts, cash, and time, you could definitely go the architect-designed route, as is often highlighted in Sunset. Or half the time the ingenious owner spent a weekend and put it together....how does that happen? And if you want to take another approach altogether, the Yurt option isn't half bad! You'll just have a circular space.....and the outlet must go in the floor? Sigh.....I'll just have to dream about this space.

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