25 June 2008

I'm trying more of a pictorial approach today. Clearly I'm having trouble blogging lately, so thought I'd try a little something different. Truth be told, it's actually part of the letter I put together for Ry and one of the several I'm sending while he's away at camp for 10 days. I dropped him in SF to catch the bus, then went up to Marin to start conquering their terrain. I've been a little bored with the East Bay options lately, so had to perk up the menu. I do have to say - there's nothing quite so sweet as hiking so close to the ocean. I started at the Tennessee Valley trailhead, then did a 6 mile, 1500 vertical ascent loop that included the Fox Trail and the Coastal Trail.

The Coastal Trail was truly beautiful. As I go further up onto Mount Tam, I don't think I'm going to get these kinds of views. But who knows? Well, lots of people know actually. But I suppose I'll find out.
The East Bay still has fantastic trails, but I'm a sucker for the straight up ocean view. We'll be in Mendocino over the July 4 weekend, so I hope to get in some more coastal hikes.

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