16 May 2007

Do you imagine yourself to be a home winemaker? Do you think you can grow a few grapes, bring them into the kitchen, then stomp them a la Lucy-style, sieve them, then drink? Ah, but if only......Now you don't have to because you can purchase the WinePod, set it up in your kitchen, family room, wherever, and after appropriate fermenting, pressing and aging all in this one device, you'll have up to 60 bottles to start enjoying. It's only 4 feet tall by 2 feet, 2 inches wide! The WinePod company will even act as your vineyard manager and sell you grapes from established vineyards, in case your land isn't yet producing. For those of you trying to eat within your Food Shed, this will help you achieve your goal. So let's see.....at $3,500, your first batch of 60 bottles = $58.33 per bottle before grape costs (which would be free if you were growing them yourself)........so by the time you kick out around 25 batches, you've lowered your cost to right around the same as Two Buck Chuck. Sounds worth it to me!

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